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The Great Velveeta Meltdown

Velveeta Cheesepocalypse Crisis Averted

Are you prepared for the Cheesepocalypse? Have you stockpiled Velveeta? We’ve found our bricks and share the meltiest grilled cheese you’ll ever find. We also have all the links you need to stay on top of the Velveeta shortage crisis.

How the 100 Foods List Turned My Tween into a Mini Food Critic

Fresh Wild Berries

We are two-thirds through 2012 and my tween is still driving hard to tick off items on the 100 Foods List. She is determined to try more foods on the list in 2012 than anyone else doing the challenge (especially her cousin Michelle and friend Mason). I’m not sure if it’s the competitive aspect of this challenge or that she really enjoys the adventures we’ve experienced along the way. For a recap of how this challenge started..