Lynnee Jimenez

Lynnee Jimenez -> I am a wanna-be crafter who is inspired by my crafty sister Pauline, my tween daughter and niece. By day, I work in high-tech. By night, I dream of learning how to best use gloss, glitter & my daughter's glue gun. I really want to create memories with my daughter to last a lifetime.

BIG News – Introducing Simplify & Prosper!

simplify & prosper.opt1

  Have you ever struggled getting your family or yourself out the door in the morning? Have you ever gone to bed completely exhausted but your mind is still running a marathon? Have you ever added mail to a pile of papers that never seem to go away? You are not alone. My crafty sister…

Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Just breathe. Breathe for stress-relief. Breathe for energy. Just breathe. Are mid-term exams or work projects turning your palms sweaty? Just breathe. Are you scared of the dark? Just breathe. Are you tired beyond belief? Just breathe. Conscious breathing techniques have been a game-changer for our family lately. I caught my teen daughter using energizing…