Post Follow-Up: From Hospital Crafts to Healthy Teenager

recovery after Guillain Barre

Many of you who have been with us over the past 9 years have also been with us for a few major life events. Those of you joining us lately may appreciate some background….

When Pauline and I started the blog in 2009, our focus was on crafts and activities that we could share with our tween daughters. This focus became real-life survival in 2011 when my daughter spent the summer in the hospital semi-paralyzed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome (an autoimmune attack on the nervous system). My sister dropped everything to stay with us in the hospital and keep us sane. While my husband and I were extremely sleep-deprived and distraught, Pauline and my niece Maggie kept the calm and distracted our daughter Miranda from the pain by sharing hospital crafts. Here is a flashback to that time:

Tween hospital crafts

Now the good news story! Our girl recovered and is more fierce than ever. She is currently a high school sophomore and varsity cross country and track runner. *******She captured her journey to inspire others by developing this web page:

Beyond Guillain Barre Syndrome

running strong

If you are looking for more ideas on how to help someone in the hospital, here is a flashback to a birthday party idea for hospital craft activity bags:


THANK YOU for being part of our crafty Chica Circle and THANK YOU to my sister Pauline for always being there for us:

Aunt and Niece love


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