A Crafty Tween Birthday Party that Gives Back

Birthday’s are a big deal for kids of any age, and it’s always fun to celebrate a birthday with friends. My tween had her “Cake Boss Theme” party this year. My niece, who just celebrated her 10th birthday, had a rock climbing party. So tween party themes can be very diverse and interactive. This year my tween participated in a really unique and inspiring birthday party theme, and I had to share! It combined crafting and charity, and it was one of the most creative birthday parties I have ever witnessed.

One of my daughter’s friends knew she wanted to have all of her friends from school to celebrate her birthday with her, but she knew she didn’t need a lot of presents. And she was inspired to give back to kids who could use some cheering up. We had our own personal health scare last summer with my niece, which we lightly named “Hospital Camp“, so we know how much a fun crafty activity in a place you don’t want to be in can help distract and make the days a little brighter. Her and her mom brainstormed, and what they came up with was a Craft Party for CHOC, our local children’s hospital, where they created craft activity and gift bags to be delivered to the kids at CHOC.

Here is what they did:

  • Birthday party invitations went out, but with a request for donations instead of gifts that could be packed into gift bags for the kids at CHOC.
  • They found 3 easy kid crafts that they could personalize and package in large ziplock bags. They made a crafty “grocery list” for each craft and posted that on the evite as well.
  • They planned for making 24 craft gift bags, so each girl was responsible for making at least two gift bags.
  • The mom had her 3 craft “cheat-sheets” to direct the party craft activities, and to make sure each craft activity gift bag had each material needed in them.

  • Then at the party, the girls were responsible for prepping any of the materials, like cutting out handprints for the sun craft, and packing the craft activity bag, as well as decorating the gift bag that they were packaged in.
  • The mom had instruction labels of each craft pre-printed on labels so the girls could attach to each craft activity bag for the recipient.

  • Then, she received so many extra donations from parents that they packaged the craft activities bag, along with all sorts of other goodies, into larger paper grocery bag that her local grocery store donated as well.

In the end, her dining room was filled with 24 packed activity and gift bags ready to be delivered to CHOC.

The kids had a blast making the craft bags. Not only were they doing something that they hoped would make another kid smile, but the crafting activities kept them smiling and busy during the whole party.

At a later date, they scheduled a time to drop off the bags at CHOC. They brought a few helpers with them to carry the crafty activity bags in, and we delivered them to the nurses station in the hospital wing. Because of security and safety of the patients, we weren’t allowed to hand deliver to any kids, but I know the nurses were thrilled to see the activity bags come in, so they could deliver them.

This crafty tween still inspires me. I love her spirit, and that she knew she wanted to celebrate her birthday by making other kids smile, and when it is combined with crafting, how could you go wrong? = )

Happy Crafting!

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Pauline Molinari

I'm the crafty maven, and I'm on a mission to spread craftiness. With a fine arts degree, over 15 years experience in children's publishing, and a savvy, stylish, sassy tween daughter, I come armed with perspective and passion to inspire tween girls and their mothers to be crafty together. 

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