Oven-Baked S’mores Pie with Heart

Heart designed s'mores pie for bridal shower

Summer is just around the corner it feels like, and what says summer more than s’mores! Well you don’t have to build a campfire to enjoy this tasty twist on a classic summertime sweet treat. I made this melty gooey chocolately delicious pie with three simple ingredients:

  • Ready made graham cracker crust
  • Large marshmallows
  • Chocolate chips

Easy S'mores Pie Recipe

Um… can you say “Yum!” This one was definitely a kid favorite to taste test for me.

You can just make a regular s’mores pie, but I actually took this easy recipe idea a step further. We recently celebrated a co-worker’s upcoming nuptials with an office bridal shower. I wanted to make something a little special, so I gave my s’mores pie a little “heart”.

Before assembling my s’mores pie, I took a handful (10 to be exact) of marshmallows and dipped them into a bowl filled with water mixed with a couple drops of pink food dye. Then I let them dry completely before assembling into a heart design.

hand tinted marshmallows

The rest of simply putting it all together.

Step 1: line the bottom of the graham cracker crust with chocolate chips

Step 2: add an outer rind of large marshmallows along the edge of your crust

Step 3: create a heart shape with your hand-dipped marshmallows in the center and then fill in the rest with marshmallows

Step 4: bake at 300 degrees for about 10 minutes, or until brown and melty

Easy Oven-Baked Heart S'mores Pie Recipe Idea

Start with this:

smores pie with heart design

Bake in your oven and get this:

Melty Chocolatey Smores Pie

Now, I have to warn you. This is a gooey pie to eat. Be prepared to get a little messy!

Homemade Smores Pie

But isn’t that what eating s’mores is all about? = )

Yummy oven-baked s'mores pie recipe

Kick off the summer with this yummy chocolate marshmallow-melty treat!

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