How the 100 Foods List Turned My Tween into a Mini Food Critic

We are two-thirds through 2012 and my tween is still driving hard to tick off items on the 100 Foods List. And if you are just tuning in, here is the list she is going by: 100 Food List – Tween Version (adapted from the original from Very Good Taste Blog).

She is determined to try more foods on the list in 2012 than anyone else doing the challenge (especially her cousin Michelle and friend Mason). I’m not sure if it’s the competitive aspect of this challenge or that she really enjoys the adventures we’ve experienced along the way. For a recap of how this challenge started – catch our earlier post.

For the leaderboard stats:

  • Miranda (my tween) – 55 foods
  • Michelle (24-yr old cousin) – 39 foods
  • Mason (cross-country friend) – 23 foods

100 Foods List Challenge Cousins


It’s still anyone’s game and we still have 4 more months of food adventures to track before 2013 arrives. When we go beyond the number of foods ticked off the list – it’s fascinating to discover the favorite and least-favorite items selected.  Miranda’s least favorite food is the Big Mac (perhaps she’s used to my overcooking extra lean meat without the “special sauce”).  But fear not McDonald’s – your Big Mac is Mason’s favorite food (and his mom is a gourmet cook)! Both Miranda and Michelle choose steak tartare as one of their favorite foods. I don’t think either of them would have tried this food without it being on the list.

We have been keeping track and videotaping a number of her tastings along the way so that we can share with all of you and her competitors. I have to admit, she has quite the adventurous tasting palette, and I think this experience has turned her into a mini food critic. Here are some of her honest and immediate reactions to some of the food tasting adventures along the way.

#4 – Steak Tartare

#9 – Borscht

#22 – Fresh Wild Berries

#31 – Wasabi Peas

#68 – Haggis

#78 – Snail (Escargot)

I can’t help but be a little reflective as I look at the food adventures our family has enjoyed this year along the way. Growing up, I only tried about 12 of the foods, at most, on the list. I didn’t experience Chinese food until going to college. My first sushi tasting waited until we moved to California. Since then, I’ve dramatically expanded my tastings- but this year is an accelerated food journey thanks to the 100 Foods List Challenge (and thanks to my tween’s encouragement).

Would you like to be added to our leaderboard tracker?  Let us know! Tell us about your food inspired adventures along the way.

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Lynnee Jimenez

Lynnee Jimenez -> I am a wanna-be crafter who is inspired by my crafty sister Pauline, my tween daughter and niece. By day, I work in high-tech. By night, I dream of learning how to best use gloss, glitter & my daughter's glue gun. I really want to create memories with my daughter to last a lifetime. 


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