Celebrate Smile Power Day

Smile! June 15th is Smile Power Day (not to be confused with World Smile Day in October).

What I like about this day is remembering just how powerful a smile can be. Even after a particularly rough morning this week (twin meltdown kicking and screaming at daycare drop-off, breakfast yogurt and berries spilled all over my desk, cracked windshield, overloaded calendar) – I forced myself to smile at others in passing. By mid-day, my mood had shifted and I was on a better path. Power to the smile!

How will you celebrate Smile Power Day? Here are some ideas:

  • Face-off silently with a friend (or in a circle of friends) and have a non-smiling contest to see who can last the longest (and watch the funny faces and giggles erupt)
  • Spend 10 minutes listing out everything that makes you smile
  • Make your food smile back at you (inspired by Kate at Peep Thread)

Celebrate Smile Power Day ClubChicaCircle


How will you celebrate Smile Power Day? Share in the comments below!


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