Neon Painted Pumpkin Mustache Monsters

Halloween is less than one week away. Have you decorated your pumpkins yet? Here is a quick, simple and fun way to turn your pumpkins into cute neon googly-eyed monsters within furry mustaches!

Neon painted pumpkin monsters craft idea

If you have a tween that is anything like my daughter, she loves neon and mustaches! So I decided to combine both of them and make cute neon pumpkin mustache monsters.

I used Americana neon acrylic paints in Thermal Green, Electric Blue, and Sizzling Pink.

Americana neon paints

I painted each pumpkin a solid color. It took a few coats to get full coverage. The pink was the easiest because it was in the same color range as the pumpkin, and the green was the hardest.

In hindsight, I would have applied a primer on my pumpkin first, but I love how the neon pumpkins turned out.

Then I used the same technique we used to make fur leg warmers and a skirt for my daughters Monsters University homemade Halloween costume to color the mustaches.

I had some white fur leftover, and cut each into different shaped mustaches. Then I used Sharpie markers to color each of them. I used black, neon blue and neon pink markers.

neon painted pumpkin decorating idea

Even if you don’t want to paint your pumpkin, it looks just as cute on a plain natural pumpkin.

I attached each mustache and large googly eyes onto the pumpkins after the paint was dry with double-sided tape. You could use glue too.

So if you are looking for a kid-friendly, no carve pumpkin decorating idea this weekend, try painting them.

For more painted pumpkin ideas, you can check out our eyeball painted ones from last year, or maybe a chalkboard witch silhouette pumpkin.

Happy Pumpkin Crafting!


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