Minion Hand-Painted Shoes for Back-to-School Fashion

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Minion inspired hand painted shoe design

I think back-to-school shopping in my daughter’s favorite time of year – besides Christmas! Every year, we give her a budget to get new clothes to replenish the ones she’s grown out of, or if you asked her, to be a part of current fashion trends. With a fixed budget, she has learned that you have to be frugal and get the most bang for your buck when shopping. New shoes have to be one of her favorite things to buy—like mother like daughter, I guess. = )

Today’s craft DIY solves two issues. It turns a slightly used pair of shoes (that she hasn’t grown out of) into a brand new pair, and it saves more money for other things she has on her back-to-school fashion wish list.

hand painted shoes for teens DIY

I don’t think you are ever too young to appreciate and like the Minions movies. And once I saw the Miss Sandra Bullock was sporting a pair of Minion-Inspired heels, I knew instantly that we could create a tween / teen fashion statement version!

Minion Hand Painted Shoe Inspiration


I started with a plain pair of white shoes and DecoArt® SoSoft fabric paint in white pearl, bright yellow and black.

minion shoes step 1

I started by drawing a chalk circle shape at the front of each shoe to use as a guide. I know it is hard to see in the picture about, but it was just enough for me to use as a template.

Minion Shoes step 2

Then with the black fabric paint, I painted on a circle outline and added one circle dot in the middle for the Minion eyeball.

I followed by painting the rest of the shoe in bright yellow.

Minion shoes step 3

Once that was dry, I added the Minion goggle details. I added a small black mouth, black straps on each side of the eyes, and a thicker outline around the eyeball. To get the silver effect, while the black paint was still wet, I added pearly white fabric paint – mixed with the black it created a silver.

When all the paint was dry, my girl couldn’t wait to try the “new” shoes on!

Tween minion hand painted shoes for back to school

Perfect to make a back-to-school Minion fashion statement!


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