5 Minute Trick or Treat Duck Tape Bag

Super Easy 5 Minute custom Trick or Treat bag craft idea for kids

I’m not sure when my girl will switch to “being too old” to trick or treat, but I am going to milk these years as much as I can. I’m thinking she is too, with the bags of candy and chocolate loot she usually comes home with.

We’ve got her costume done, and as a last minute, fashion-forward Halloween craft idea, we made this super fast and super cute custom Duck Tape Trick or Treat bag. Really, this simple Duck Tape bag craft can be modified with different tape patterns to be used all year round. For instance, use decorative holiday Duck Tape, like I used here on these Duck Tape holiday stockings, and turn it into a fun gift bag.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the new Fiskars Duck Edition scissors, make especially for cutting Duck Tape. I was not compensated for this post, and I normally don’t do review posts, but honestly, I couldn’t wait to try these new scissors out. We do so much Duck Tape crafting in our house, and we are always gumming up our scissors. These new scissors really live up to their hype. I couldn’t believe the difference it made. It made this craft project even faster!

Here is how I made this cute custom Trick or Treat bag:

I used two coordinating patterned Duck Tapes, coordinating fabric and my Fiskars Duck Edition scissors. I used the 8″ scissors to cut the big strips, and the 5″ scissors for detail cutting.

How to make a quick 5 minute Duck Tape bag or purse


I started by cutting a rectangular piece of fabric, keeping in mind that I would be folding it in half to make a nice sized bag. Mine was 14″ x 26″.

Then, on the wrong side of the fabric, I attached diagonal rows of Duck Tape right next to each other, making sure to to go over the edges of my fabric rectangle. Then I cut the tape edges flush with the edge of my fabric.

I then folded my fabric rectangle in half, making sure the sides lined up. You can use your scissors to trim if necessary. Using a long piece of Duck Tape (approx. 3 feet) I attached it to the sides, securing my bag closed on each side. I made sure to fold my long string in half in the middle, creating a long shoulder handle.

Then it was just a matter of adding details. I used the smaller Fiskars scissors to create a fringe detail. First I cut one strip of Duck Tape the width of my bag. Then I folded it in half – sticky sides together. Then I attached this to the top of my bag with another strip of tape, and used the detail scissors to cut 1/2″ slits all down the side.

Homemade Trick or Treat Duck Tape bag craft

That’s it! Now you are ready to fill will treats.

Quick and simple homemade fashionable trick or treat bag with duck tape fiskars scissors


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Trick or treat!

Fun with Homemade Halloween Trick or Treat Duck Tape Bag

Wishing all of your a Happy and Safe Halloween!


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