Pumpkin Muffins Baked in Mini Flower Pots

Pumpkin muffins baked in mini flower pots @chicacircle

Have you ever baked anything in flower pots?

I honestly have never thought to try until I went to dinner one night with my sister and our server brought a lovely warm loaf of bread that had been baked in a medium sized flower clay pot. Yum!

But of course it makes sense, clay pots are perfect for baking. I just never thought of using a flower pot as a muffin or bread making vessel. I’ve done plenty of crafting with flower pots, like these Santa Pants flower pots

Santa Pants Poinsettia Planters

…or when I painted these and used them in a homemade cupcake stand.

Chocolate cupcake on homemade stand for an easy party idea

But I have never tried to bake in them. Guess what? It was so easy!

To test it out, I mixed up a batch of pumpkin muffin mix. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the options for delicious pumpkin treats are easy to find. I picked a mix up at my local Trader Joe’s. After following the mix instructions, I sprayed the inside of each of my mini flower pots with a little nonstick spray. Then I filled each one about two-thirds full and baked in a preheated oven for about 20 minutes.

It's so easy to bake muffins or bread in flower pots

The pumpkin muffins cooked beautifully in the mini clay flower pots. They rose perfectly inside the pots. Be careful, the pots will be hot as they come out of the oven. But that is also a good thing. The muffins stay warm in the pots. Let them cool to touch and them you can serve them up nice and warm. Imagine if you topped them with ice cream or whipped cream… or even cream cheese frosting to turn them into a tasty Fall dessert.

And in pure crafty fashion, I couldn’t resist dressing them up. I used a black Sharpie permanent marker to hand-letter “thanks” on the front of one. You can also write someone’s name on the front too as a fun table setting. I hand-lettered “Maggie” on the front of another.

Pumpkin muffins baked in mini flower pots @chicacircle

They look so rustic and festive—perfect for a pretty Thanksgiving of Fall-inspired table.

Thanksgiving pumpkin recipe and craft idea

Another fun idea is to add a cute turkey topper on the pumpkin flower pot muffins, like this one below.

Mini Flower Pot Muffins for Fall @chicacircle

With just a few easy craft supplies, like scrapbook paper, craft foam, craft sticks, googly eyes and glue, you can make these super cute and easy paper flower turkeys.

How to Make a Thanksgiving Paper Flower Turkey

For another creative Thanksgiving table decoration, you may also like these fun pine cone turkey candy jars.

Turkey Candy Jar caulk craft

However you dress up your Thanksgiving table, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday!

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