Owl Obsession Series – How to Doodle an Owl

If my tween isn’t begging me to craft something, she is usually drawing or doodling. As I mentioned before, I have designated November: Crafty Owl Obsession month. This is how I would teach my tween how to draw an owl, so I thought I would pass this simple tutorial along to you. By the end of this month, you too will be thoroughly obsessed with owl crafts and creations. Use this DIY as a guide, and feel free to add some of your own special flair into your doodling. Have fun with it!

If you want to print out the steps, here is the FREE Owl Doodle Printable. This tutorial is easy enough for you and your tween to do together.

You can also enjoy this quick DIY video on doodling owls. As you can see, I am still sporting my Halloween inspired manicure. = )  This is how I showed my tween how to draw an owl, and she loved it. Have fun doodling!

Pauline Molinari

I'm the crafty maven, and I'm on a mission to spread craftiness. With a fine arts degree, over 15 years experience in children's publishing, and a savvy, stylish, sassy tween daughter, I come armed with perspective and passion to inspire tween girls and their mothers to be crafty together. 


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