Garden Globe Craft DIY

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Garden Globe Painted Craft Idea

Have you planted your summer garden yet? One of my favorite things from our garden are fresh homegrown tomatoes. I have to admit, I don’t have the biggest green thumb. I cannot take credit for the lovely flowers and vegetables in our backyard garden, kudos to my husband for that, but I certainly to appreciate it. What I can contribute is a beautiful garden globe for some extra added color and decoration. I’m good at adding crafty homemade touches to our backyard, like the repurposed flower basket outdoor chandelier, but ask me to plant a garden, mmm, not so much.

I couldn’t wait to try the pearlescent DecoArt glass stains I recently received. I paired them with DecoArt 3D Opaque Gloss Enamel Paint in silver for a cool stained glass effect.

Glass Garden Globe DecoArt supplies

Here are the exact DecoArt glass paints that I used:

  • Shimmering Silver 3D Opaque Gloss Enamel Writer
  • Glass Stain Pearlescent paint in red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, and blue

Good news, DecoArt glass paints can be found at Michaels!

On my morning neighborhood walks, I have long been admiring a neighbor’s beautifully painted garden globe. I knew I could create a mini homemade version of this with a little creativity and some simple items paired together.

Garden Globe Craft Idea @clubchicacircle

I started with a really inexpensive fish-bowl shaped globe vase and a bell shaped terra cotta pot. Both of them together cost me less $3. Paired together, they made the perfect garden globe shape I was going for.

First I started with painting the globe jar. I began with the silver 3D Gloss Enamel writer and created a random geometric pattern on the globe. This step needs to dry completely before adding the glass stains.

Painted Glass Globe Steps

When my “stained glass” globe was dry, I applied the rainbow of color glass stains randomly in each shape. Keep in mind the glass stain paint is really thin, so a little goes a long way. While I was holding the jar in one hand, I would draw in the stain with the other. I used had Q-tips handy catch any excess drips that went beyond my silver lines. I love how it colored or “stained” the glass while still being see-through. I let that dry completely as I moved onto painting the terra cotta pot.

Painted Pot Steps

I love the outdoor Patio Paint from DecoArt which is weather and water resistant. I picked three colors that I thought matched the stained glass globe nicely.The exact paint colors I used were Marigold, Blue Bahama, and Geranium Red.

I started by applying 2 coats of the yellow marigold color onto the whole pot with a sponge brush. Then I used some painter’s tape to mask off the top edge and painted a stripe of the teal blue bahama color. I finished off the top edge of my pot with the brilliant geranium red paint color and let the whole pot dry.

You will need to let the paints set and dry completely for 72 hours to ensure that the paint is weather and water resistant.

To complete the garden globe craft, I filled the bottom of the pot with some beautifully colored decorative glass beads for extra flair and weight on the bottom of the pot.

garden globe craft final step

Now, my only problem was figuring out the best place to display my homemade garden globe.

Homemade Garden Globe Painted Craft Idea

I tried a number of places, and it was really hard to decide. I think I may have to make more of these to go around our yard and garden.

Homemade Garden Globe craft idea

I love how when the sun hits it just right you can get a glimpse of the pretty glass rocks inside too.

Garden Globe Painted Craft

Try this simple summertime craft today, and spruce up any garden!

And if you looking for another great garden craft idea, you have to check out this homemade Fairy House from Crafts by Amanda. I love how she turned a wood birdhouse into a cute fairy house.

homemade fairy house craft

Happy crafting!


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