Candy Corn Ombre Spray Painted Shirt

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Ok, I can’t seem to get candy corn off my brain. I’ve painted mason jars in candy corn colors. I’ve melted beads into a candy corn colored bowl. Today, I’m showing you how I painted a candy corn inspired ombre shirt with DecoArt SoSoft Fabric paints.

It’s a super simple and festive fashion craft idea for Halloween or Fall.

Candy Corn Ombre Ombre Fabric Spray Painted Shirt

The thing is, I did use DecoArt SoSoft paints, but you might be surprised on how I applied them.

I didn’t use any brushes, I used spray bottles.

Yep, spray bottles. In essence, I made my own fabric spray paint.

Candy Corn Ombre Painted Shirt with DecoArt SoSoft supplies

I wanted to create an ombre effect rather than hard cut lines between each candy corn color. So, I started with 2 empty spray bottles, one for the candy corn orange and one for the yellow.

I used DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paint in Bright Yellow and Cadmium Orange, and DecoArt SoSoft Fine Glitter Fabric Paint in Lemon Yellow and Tiger Orange.

I filled each spray bottle with about 1 cup of water, then I squirted in 3-5 squirts of the paint and glitter colors combined to create a watered down yellow and orange paint.


Step 1

I made sure to do my craft outside on the grass (so any excess paint could drip down). I had a drying rack ready, and I had a white shirt prepped to spray on a hanger.

Prepping for candy corn painted shirt step 1

Step 2

As I held out the shirt with one hand, I started with the orange paint spray bottle and squirted the middle of my shirt. Then I grabbed the yellow spray paint bottle and squirted the bottom portion of my shirt.

As the orange dripped down, the yellow blended in with it and created a beautiful ombre effect.

How to Spray Paint a shirt with DecoArt SoSoft fabric paint step 2

Step 3

When I was pleased with the blending and the colors. I hung the shirt on a drying rack and let it air dry completely.

Candy Corn Ombre Painted Shirt DIY step 3

I know you tell from the photo, but the combination of the fabric paint with the glitter paint added such a glimmery effect on the shirt.

Candy Corn Fabric Spray Painted Shirt Halloween Craft Idea

This was so easy to do, I am definitely going to try this technique on another shirt. I love how the colors blended. It was almost like tie-dye but with a spray bottle.

Happy Candy Corn Crafting!


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