Cupcakes Gone Angry (DIY Angry Bird Party)

DIY Angry Bird Cupcake Buffet

The countdown begins – We went angry for DIY Angry Bird cupcakes to celebrate our twins’ 4th birthday.

Party minus three hours

Three hours before our twins’ 4th birthday barbecue ‘party’ and there was no party planning in place. Since the twins have been born – many of our family activities have turned into impromptu celebrations instead of the well-planned gatherings of looooooong ago. Sometimes, this is the best kind of party.

My sister Pauline was visiting for the weekend and saved the day by setting up an Angry birds DIY cupcake bar to entertain the kids. We were at our local Safeway and she filled our cart with all the ingredients to make a magical Angry Birds cupcake craft activity.

She filled our cart with:

  • Cupcake mix
  • White frosting
  • Food coloring (to make red, yellow, green, and blue batches of frosting)
  • Tootsie rolls (cut and shape to make eyebrows)
  • Large marshmallows (cut to make the bird chins and pig snouts)
  • Small marshmallow (to make the eyes)
  • Small jelly beans (Jelly Bellys to make the feathers)
  • Candy corn (perfect beaks)
  • Sprinkles

Party minus one hour

One hour before the party (now I can call it a ‘party’ because the barbecue grill was getting prepped and neighbors not traveling for the Labor Day holiday were happy to join us)….cupcake batter gets poured into the muffin tins and the baking begins.

While baking, we colored the frosting in four separate batches to make the dominant red, yellow, blue, and green characters. Then we divided the colored frosting into single servings into plastic sandwich bags. At the party, we simply snipped over one corner, and it became an instant frosting piping bag.

Party minus 10 minutes

With the cupcakes cooling and the frosting ready. We prepped the activity table with each of the toppings in a bowl and plenty of plastic knives and scissors for cutting the Tootsie Rolls. Although we had Angry Bird party rings as a design reference, some of the best inspiration came from searching Google images for Angry Birds.

DIY Angry Bird Cupcakes

Party time!

I knew the twins and our tween girls would love the DIY Angry Bird cupcake activity – but I was amazed how the adults also got into the challenge to create their own masterpieces.

We went angry for Angry Bird cupcakes – but we could only capture smiles:

Angry for Cupcakes Collage

And we filled the table with many variations. Each one of us proud of our own creations. Do you recognize these characters?

Angry bird cupcake collection

Yes, this party started off based on our boys’ obsession with Angry Birds – but it was a crowd-pleasing activity for ALL.

Do you have any good Angry Bird stories to share? Please comment below. We LOVE your feedback.


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