3 Ways to Create, Cultivate and Super Charge Your Blog Brand

3 Ways to Super Charge Your Blog Brand

First, before you can super charge your blog brand you need to figure out what you want your blog brand to stand for. Define it!

What are three key words or phrases that might describe your brand, your personality, and your goal?

What do you want your blog to mean to you? What do you want it to mean to your readers? Why do you blog?

Use this Define Your Brand Free Printable Worksheet to fill out and help you visualize your blog personality. Keep it with you, shoot a quick picture of it on your phone, or post it on your computer to always remind you. Or even post it in your creativity journal.

Define Your Brand Free Printable Worksheet

For instance, my three key words that I like to use for myself are: creative, confident and inspiring. I actually program these three words into my phone calendar to pop up and remind me every day.

Also, know that you are never too small or too big to have your own brand.


Once you define it, then you can use these three building blocks to super charge it.


  • How are you unique in the way you blog? Is it your content? Is it in your graphics? Is it in your voice or perhaps in your core audience?
  • Be inspired by others, but don’t copy. It is rare that there is a completely unique, never been done idea out there. If you are inspired by something online, make sure you are using your own creative twist on it, and I would always try to credit my inspiration.


  • Always portray the best part of you. Not the fake you, but the best part of you.
  • This is your business, build you brand with your best blood, sweat and tears. Who will reap the rewards? You!
  • We will say it again – quality over quantity


  • Be consistent in your story, style and socially
  • STORY – how do you approach a sponsored post? How does it fit into your story and your blog mission? Or, how do you weave your personal story into your blog posts?
  • STYLE – what’s your color palette, font favorites, the way you take your photos, how to write your posts? This can definitely evolve or change over time, but really put some thought and effort into creating a cohesive feel on everything your put out there, or what represents you and your blog.
  • SOCIALLY – what’s your social plan? Outside of the blog, how are you portraying yourself on any of your social platforms? Do 2-3 really well and focus on those.

Spend some time really defining what sets you apart and what and why you blog. Having the vision and the clarity is what will help you grow and develop your own blog brand. Also, it will help when making decisions that impact your brand, what sponsored posts you apply for, what advertisers you may want, and even what type of blog posts or what content you put out there.

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