Valentines Day Craft Idea with DecoArt products and Giveaway

I am so excited to pair with DecoArt again for Valentines Day theme craft idea and giveaway. I couldn’t wait to test out some of their new products and pair them together to create some beautiful Valentines Day treat boxes and gift ideas.

DecoArt Valentines Day Craft Ideas

I used DecoArt Dimensional Effects Paintable Texture Paste and Glamour Dust® Glitter Paint on some plain wood boxes and shaped pieces to create these one-of-a-kind Valentines Day gift ideas.

First I started by painting a base coat using the glitter paint onto the lids of each box and each wood shape. I used the aqua color on the heart-shaped box, and the sizzling red on the circle box lid. Who can resist a color named “sizzling red”? = )

Valentine boxes step 1

And I also used sizzling red on the heart wood piece, and lavender on the bird wood piece. The glitter paints can easily be applied with a sponge brush or regular paintbrush. Then I let all of the pieces dry before applying the Dimensional Effects in the next step.

Valentine wood pieces step 1


For the cupcake wood shape, I wanted to take a little different approach. I applied Dimensional Effects directly onto the wood shape first. I found the easiest way to apply the paste was with a simple craft stick. It was just like spreading on frosting!

DecoArt Cupcake Valentines Card Craft DIY

The Dimensional Effects paste can create some really cool textures. I applied it in different directions depending on what effect I wanted to create. Another great tool I used was a simple Chinese take-out chopstick. I used that to draw lines in the paste to create cupcake liner grooves. I also liked how it showed the wood coming through the bottom.

Another great feature of the Dimensional Effects paste is that you can tint it with any paint color. I used a little squirt of the sizzling red and a little paste, and mixed the two together with a craft stick. Then I applied it carefully on the top of my shape to create a cute red cherry.

Then I let the whole thing dry. The paste takes about 4-12 hours to dry depending on the thickness that you apply it. My cupcake shape took about 4 hours since it wasn’t that thickly applied.

After it was all dry, I used the glitter paint to create even more dimension and sparkle. I love that you can paint right on top of the paste once it is dry.

Cupcake valentines day card craft painting steps

I used celebration pink on the top of the cupcake, and lavender on the cupcake liner portion of my shape. I finished off with a second coat of sizzling red on top of the cherry.

I thought the cupcake shapes would make a really great homemade Valentines Day card decoration. It was a great way to dress up a plain colored card. I added some washi tape for extra decoration, and voilá, instant one-of-a-kind Valentines Day cards!

Cupcake Valentines Day Cards with DecoArt


Now, back to the treat boxes Valentines Day craft. The Dimensional Effects paste was so versatile to work with, I created lots of great texture and designs with it. For instance, I used it to create a beautiful rose and leaves atop of the heart wood shape.  I mixed some of the celebration pink glitter paint with the paste and swirled on a circular rose shape in the middle of the painted heart shape. Then I mixed a little emerald glitter paint with the paste and used a stiff small paintbrush to create leaves on the side.

Heart valentines day box craft steps

For the lid, I applied a thin coat of the paste all over the top, and used the chopstick again to draw in a cool swirl pattern. This time the red painted lid showed through the paste which created a really cool effect. On the side, I used the same technique and drew in stripes with the chopstick.

Another cool feature in using the paste, is that I used it almost like glue too. I placed the wood heart shape on the top right in the middle of the lid and let the whole thing dry completely. As the paste dried, it also adhered the wood shape on top.

After it was dry, I finished off the lid with another coat of glitter paint to add details to the rose and the swirl/stripe design.

Heart and rose valentines day box painting steps

When that was dry, I decorated the bottom of the box with some simple coordinating washi tape stripes, and this beautiful gift box was complete!

Valentines Day Treat Box craft idea


For the “Love Bird” gift box, I used some of the same techniques as above. I mixed the lavender glitter paint with some paste and applied a thin coat on top of the bird shape. Then I added some cool details with a chopstick. I used the paste as a glue again, and while it was still wet, I added a small white bead for the eye, and a purple foam heart for the wing on the bird shape.

Love Bird Valentines Day box steps

For the lid, I mixed the aqua glitter paint with the paste, and applied a thin coat over the top. I used a plastic fork to create some really beautiful wave patterns in the lid and on the side.

Then, while the lid was still wet, I applied the bird on the top and added 3 more small foam heart shapes for the beak and the feet. Lovely!

I let the whole thing dry completely before painting on another layer of glitter paint to add more shimmer and detail.

Love Bird Valentines Day Gift Box Craft idea

Again, after it was completely dry, I finished the bottom of the box with stripes of coordinating washi tape.


These boxes made perfect vessels to hold homemade chocolate treats, but you could fill it with almost anything. The box itself is a great Valentines Day gift idea. It can be a cute keepsake box or jewelry box.

Homemade Love Bird Valentines Treat box

Love Bird DecoArt Gift Box craft

Valentines Day Rose Heart Treat Box craft

Get creative on how you fill yours! I am sure anyone would love to have this homemade gift box, especially when it is made from the heart!


Now for the best part, you can enter to win a Valentines Day gift basket filled with great collection of art products from DecoArt!


One lucky reader will be picked to receive this beautiful basket from DecoArt. Enter below. Contest ends at midnight Feb. 13. Winner will be announced on Valentines Day. Hooray!

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