Tween Girl Milestones

This year my tween’s age reached the infamous double digits, and it seems like she is maturing at supersonic speed this year. We have hit many milestones along the way from braces on…

to braces off…

And most recently to getting her ears pierced for the first time. She did it with her tween cousin who is about to hit the ripe age of 10 as well. They were both scared and excited, wondering if it would hurt or not. The thought of someone shooting an earring through your earlobe is a bit daunting. We went to our local Claire’s, which I think corners the market of girls getting their ears pierced. When we arrived there were a couple people ahead of us waiting, and definitely more after us. The nice earring attendant said she usually has a line from the moment she arrives to work each day. Who knew there were so many ears out there still to be pierced? I still remember getting my ears pierced at my local Claire’s when I was 12, and that was 30 years ago!!!

I had to share her video as she gets her second earring in and realizes she has just got her ears pierced. Priceless reaction! I’m so glad I was able to share this with her.

I can still remember the day I took this photo below, when she was just about 3 years old!

Now, she is asking about the day she can have her own phone. She just got back from her first week-long overnight camping trip with the Girl Scouts. I sobbed as the bus pulled away to take her and her cousin away to camp where we would have no contact with them for a week. When she walked back off the bus a week later, I could have sworn she had grown somehow, both mentally and physically.

She just started reading “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.“. Do you remember reading that book when you were young? I know I certainly did. Judy Blume changed my perspective on a number of things back then. And if you have read that book, you know what other milestones are coming. Yikes!

These tween years are fleeting and seem like they are jam-packed with changes. That is the definition of “tween” right? In-between different stages of life? And how else are you going to make it to the next stage without hitting some milestones along the way. Some days I wish I could just stop time, but the truth is, I am also enjoying these years with my daughter. To be able to enjoy a movie together that isn’t animated (although we still enjoy some of those too) or to just have a girls day shopping, is something I couldn’t say a few years ago. We are currently reading the Harry Potter series together now. It is probably my 4th time reading them, but it is a totally different perspective when you are reading them aloud with your daughter. We are on book 3, and each time we finish one, we schedule a movie night to view the feature film made for each book. I love that she is still young enough to enjoy those things with me, and old enough to appreciate it too.

Why am I being so reflective? She is about to go back to school and being a big 5th grader, which is the last grade before middle school. And I know we are both apprehensive and excited at what changes will occur when she hits another milestone and graduates to middle school. She won’t be the big fish in a small pond, but one of the small fish in a much bigger pond.

Change is inevitable, I know that. That is why she is so involved in the things I do for Club ChicaCircle. Our crafty adventures are what connect us sometimes. And I love taking the adventure with all of you as well. I hope all of you having a wonderful summer as it winds down to another school year. I would love to hear about some of your milestones, or any insight you may have into the coming years. Comment below if you want to share.

Happy crafting!



Pauline Molinari

I'm the crafty maven, and I'm on a mission to spread craftiness. With a fine arts degree, over 15 years experience in children's publishing, and a savvy, stylish, sassy tween daughter, I come armed with perspective and passion to inspire tween girls and their mothers to be crafty together. 

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