Cute Homemade Santa and Elf Headbands

Homemade Santa Hat Headbands Craft with Foam Cone

Remember these?

Holiday Candy Jars Homemade Gift Idea #MakeItFunCrafts

Well, I couldn’t resist using the same basic techniques that I used making these cute Santa and Elf Hat Candy Jars and making cute headbands for my tween to wear.

She has a girl scout holiday party coming up, and these will be perfect to wear on her head!

First I used 3″ Foam Cones and painted them red for the Santa hat and green for the elf hats.

santa and elf hat step 1

After they were dry, I used a plastic headband, white foam and pom poms for the Santa hat, along with my glue gun.

The difference between how I made the jars and the headbands, is that I cut a circular piece of foam and sandwiched the headband in between my painted foam cone and the foam circle.

How to Make Cute Santa and Elf Headbands

Just like in the Santa jar, I glued white pom poms all around the edge and at the top to complete the Santa hat.

So cute!I used a red glitter foam sheet and a red bell for the elf hat. You can get my elf template here:Elf Hat Candy Jar Template

Homemade Elf Hat Headband craft

I love my little elf!


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