Thanksgiving Countdown and Turkey Hand Manicure

The countdown to Thanksgiving is on and we just had to have a little fun!

In our house we are counting down how more days of school we have left before we get to visit our other resident tween in Northern California, we are counting down to our annual 5K run in the San Jose Turkey Trot (tween included), and we are counting down to our yummy festive Thanksgiving dinner. Look for lots of Turkey ideas this week.

To kick off the countdown I couldn’t resist sending my tween off to school with her Turkey hand manicure and temporary handmade tattoo ala Sharpie® marker.

Here is what we used:

  • red, orange, and yellow nail polish
  • red, orange, and black Sharpie® markers (or any other brand permanent marker)

Simply paint the middle nails red, the index and ring fingers orange, and the thumb and pinkie fingers yellow. We still had orange and yellow nail polish from our candy corn inspired manicure.

While the nails are drying, draw in a triangle in the middle of your hand with the orange marker. Using the red marker, add in a squiggly turkey wattle. Finish off with 2 black dots for the eyes. Voilá! Let the countdown begin!

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