Summer Adventures in Ice Chalk that Sizzles

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How are you beating the heat with the kids this summer? Besides the usual going to the pool and running through the sprinklers, we had a little crafty fun with ice chalk.

My daughter and I got a little crafty and recently tried ice chalk as a fun way to keep cool. I’ve seen this crafty idea floating around Pinterest, and knew I had to give it a try. I’ve seen many variations of the “ice chalk” recipe, but after doing a bit of experimenting, here is what we used to make our ice chalk. Not only is the chalk icy which is super refreshing on a hot day, but there is a special ingredient that we figured out that makes it sizzle!

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To make the ice chalks, I used fun shaped silicone ice trays, baking soda, tempera washable watercolor paint, and water to make the ice.

The secret ingredient to make them sizzle is white vinegar.

sizzling ice chalk supplies

First I mixed 1 cup of warm water with 3 tablespoons of baking soda and stirred until dissolved. Then I added about 2 squirts of the washable paint into the baking soda mixture and poured into ice molds.

Into the freezer the molds went to set up, and then it’s time for some cool icy play.

How to Make Ice Chalk with Baking Soda and Washable Paint


When the colored ice chalks were set up, I let my girl get to work. She popped them out of the molds and started squirting them with the vinegar spray bottle.

sizzling ice chalk kids activity

They sizzle and melt at the same time. The color is really light on the sidewalk, but for a really hot summery day, they feel good on your fingers.

sizzling ice chalk for kids

Enjoy this boredom-busting crafty idea and beat the summer heat!

Happy crafting!


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