Selfie Modern Pop Art DIY

Selfie Portrait Pop Art DIY

Every time I look at my daughter’s camera roll on her phone, I see her fascination with taking selfies. I would say that it consists of 85% selfies, and the other 15% is selfies that her friends have sent to her. She definitely has the art of the selfie down!

Today’s easy craft DIY is in honor of honoring the art of the selfie. This is a super fun way to create your own modern wall pop art.

First step – take your favorite selfie.

Here is the selfie my girl took of herself:

Tween Selfie photo

Then I used my Photoshop editing program to turn it into a black and white image. Another way you can do this, is by printing your photo out in color, and playing with the grayscale levels on your personal copy/printer and make a b/w copy of your photo.

tween selfie example

I knew that I was going to be putting my images into 5” x 7” frames, so I made sure to print them and copy them to that size.

Once I had my b/w photo printed out to size, I cut out all the extraneous background details so that I was just left with her selfie photographed face.

Easy Selfie Modern Pop Art tutorial

Then I put it back on my printer/copier and copied it right onto brightly colored card stock paper.

Easy Selfie Pop Art with personal printer and copier

The black and white photos look so cool on the colored paper. It gave the picture an instant pop art feel.

I then cut them out as well, and picked out some cool and colorful patterned scrapbook papers for each of them.

I cut the scrapbook paper to size to fit each of my frames. (I used simple inexpensive frames that I found at IKEA).

modern selfie portrait diy for tweens

Then I just put the paper pieces together in my frames to complete this cool art project!

Easy Modern Pop Art Selfie Craft Idea for Kids

They look so great paired together on a wall or on a shelf! You can create as many different pop art combinations as you like.

So easy and fun to do!

Take your selfies and create cool modern pop art with them to jazz up any room!



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