Pumpkin Balloon Jack-o-lanterns Halloween Party Craft Idea

Halloween has always been such a fun family holiday for us. We usually plan a potluck dinner with a few other families before heading out as a group to trick-or-treat. It’s nice to make sure the kids have a full tummy before beginning their candy adventure.

The kids are so excited and hyped up, it’s so hard to contain their energy. Here is a last minute, super simple party craft and activity that is sure to please the masses. No pumpkin carving necessary! The kids (and adults) can make and decorate their own pumpkin balloons, and make them glow to boot!

Glow in the dark Balloon Pumpkin Halloween Party Craft idea

I took a trip to Target for all the supplies for this fun party craft idea.

Balloon Pumpkin party craft idea with Cottonelle toilet paper rolls

I came home with toilet paper, orange balloons from the Target party section, glow-in-the-dark sticks from the dollar section, and black Sharpie markers and orange masking tape from the stationary/school supply section.

First step, start saving your used toilet paper rolls.

Balloon Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin Party Craft supplies

Once, I had toilet paper rolls to craft with, it was time to make the pumpkins! With just these few simple supplies in hand, you have the makings for a super quick and fun Halloween party activity or decoration.

If you want your balloons to glow, carefully blow up your orange balloons with a activated glow stick inside.

Then, cut each toilet paper roll in half, and on one end cut 1/4″ notches all around and push back. This is the part that you are going to attach to the top of your balloons.

Using orange masking tape, tape it to the top of each balloon.

Finally, finish up by drawing a jack-o-lantern face on the front.

Pumpkin Balloon Halloween Party Craft Idea DIY

That’s it!

I tested the craft with my daughter and a couple of her friends in the neighborhood. They had fun bouncing around their pumpkin jack-o-lanterns in the air and play-acting that they were pumpkin headed creatures.

fun with pumpkin balloon jack-o-lanterns

Use them as party or house decorations, or as a fun last-minute Halloween party craft activity.

Pumpkin Balloon Jack-o-lanterns with upcycled toilet paper rolls

Happy Halloween Crafting!

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