Project Thank You: Tootsie Pop Bouquets Part 1

It started with a simple request from our “Great Aunt” Ellen, asking my advice on how best to make a Tootsie Roll Pop bouquet. She wanted to send a thank-you gift to a 7-year old whose favorite candy is Tootsie Pops.  My tween decided she wanted to thank some people, too.  Thus, our great aunt-mother-tween crafting challenge was on!

I did enlist the help of my crafty sister, Pauline, who created some Thank You printables to add as gift tags – both for everyday and Thanksgiving.  You can get print your own here.

Thank you tags

Turkey Thanks tags

She went above and beyond and across the miles created a Turkey Tootsie Pop bouquet, along with other inspirations.  Check out her DIY to come. This was a great jumping off point to craft our own bouquets!

Our supplies were simple for the main bouquet:

  • Tootsie Pops
  • Empty soup can (cleaned out and label removed)
  • Floral foam (cylinder shaped to fit inside can)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbon
  • Double-sided tape
  • Hole-punch
  • Scissors

After wrapping the can in wrapping paper (and adhering with double-sided tape), we added the ribbon with tag.  The tags we printed out on cardstock paper and then cut out. We punched a hole at the top with a hole-punch. We also used double-sided tape to keep the ribbon in place.  The floral foam we selected was already sized to fit inside the can, so we could easily get to the best step…arranging the Tootsie Pops by inserting them into the foam.  Ta Da!  Our completed bouquet was ready for delivery.

Check out our other creations, too! After creating the first bouquet we couldn’t stop there. We got really creative and starting making Tootsie Pop bouquets in all sorts of containers. And just attaching a thank you tag to one Tootsie Pop sends a big message in a little package about gratitude and thanks.

Speaking of Tootsie Pops – do you remember the classic commercial asking “How Many Licks Does it Take?”. They have actually done scientific studies on it! The results range from 252 – 411 licks. The question is: Can you make it to the center without biting through to the center? = )

We hope you find someone to thank today!  It’s easy and fun!

Another easy way to send a thank you today is sending an ecard. Check out our free Thank-You e-card here.

And THANK YOU for checking out our project thank you party!

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