Upcycled Flower Tray Gold Jewelry Organizer DIY

Jewelry organizer DIY  upcycled from flower baskets

I have been looking for a way for months to figure out how to keep my fun chunky necklaces from getting tangled together, and from misplacing one earring out of a set in my jewelry organization. I tried to keep each separated in little boxes, but they always ended up getting jumbled and mixed up anyway.

Then one day after planting some new flowers in the garden, I saw these flower trays and a light bulb went off – a gold one!

Yep, started with these plastic flower trays, and then used some fancy 18 kt. Gold Plated spray paint from Krylon.

How to turn a flower tray into a jewelry organizer

I put my resident tweens to work, and they were more than happy to help.

There is just something satisfying about spray painting gold. = )

Flower Tray Jewelry Organizer DIY

We painted one side and let dry, then the other side until the grated plastic tray was covered in gold.

Gold spray-painted homemade jewelry organizer


Then I used 3M Command Strips that I cut in half so they were thinner and attached them to each corner of the gold tray.

Upcycled Flower Tray Jewelry Organizer Craft Idea

And I found these gold S hooks at my local hardware store to use a necklace hooks. Perfect!

I hung them on my bathroom wall in a diamond pattern, and got to work hanging my jewelry on it.

Upcycled Flower Tray into Pretty Gold Jewelry Organizer

My earrings hang right on the rungs of the grid pattern, while the S hooks work perfectly to attach necklaces.

GOLD Jewelry Organizer from Upcycled Flower Tray

And the gold sparkles just as much as my jewelry!

Easy Jewelry Organizer DIY

It’s like an moving art piece that is a little different every day depending on what jewelry I wear.

Homemade Jewelry Organizer Craft Idea

Love it!


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