Plastic Egg Russian Nesting Dolls Craft Idea

Homemade Nesting Dolls Easy Craft Idea for Kids

Yep, I am still crafting with plastic eggs. I know it is way past Easter, but I knew when I saw these “hide-n-seek” eggs in the stores I had to grab them up and craft with them.

The set I bought have 3 nesting eggs inside each other – perfect to turn into cute Russian nesting dolls, right?

To make the nesting dolls I used:

  • Plastic eggs (I used a set that came with 3 that fit together, but you may have leftover eggs of different sizes that may work as well)
  • 1″ circle paper labels
  • Sharpie markers in neon, metallic and black colors
  • My imagination = )

Russian Nesting Dolls Plastic Egg Craft Supplies

My first step was to make the faces for each “doll”. Using my Sharpie markers I first drew the simple hairline, then two dots for the eyes, and a small smile with my black marker.

I added rosy cheeks with the neon pink Sharpie and colored in the hair with either neon orange or yellow.

Step by step drawing cartoon face for nesting doll craft

Then, it was a matter of placing the face sticker at the top of the eggs and finishing up my design by drawing right onto the eggs with the permanent markers.

I added a cute bow under the face, then gave her a body, added more dress and head details.

How to make Russian Nesting Dolls with Plastic Eggs

I colored in various areas with the Sharpies, keeping in mind that they way they look on the eggs depended on the color of the egg. For instance, the neon pink on the teal colored egg turned out to be purple.

The metallic colors were a bit more opaque. I added polka dot and flowers designs all around the back of the eggs.

Then, I repeated the design for all three of my nesting eggs.

Nesting Plastic Eggs Russian Dolls Craft

Voila! Now you have super cute nesting dolls. You could slip a little treat in the middle of the center egg if you like.

Homemade Russian Nesting Doll Craft

You can make multiple nesting dolls and display them on washi tape “thrones”.

Russian Nesting Dolls made from Plastic Easter Eggs

Really, this is too cute not to try with your tween.

Plastic Egg Nesting Dolls Craft Idea

I love how they turned out! I know I had fun making them!

Plastic Egg Nesting Dolls Craft Idea for Kids

So fish out some of your leftover eggs and get crackin… or crafting. Or, next Spring keep an eye out for these cool eggs knowing they can turn into an afternoon of fun.



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If you liked this post and want more, you can subscribe to be on our mailing list and make sure to get your free Cupcake Toppers Printables for Every Occasion.

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