Inspiration for your iPhone or iPod

We just came off the big birthday holiday weekend for my tween who just turned 10, and her biggest birthday present wish was an iPod Touch. Well, she almost got her wish. She got her own personal Nano, and I handed down my iPod Touch for her to enjoy, since I have an iPhone. Can you tell we are a bit of a Apply family? It constantly blows my mind how much technology and tools are out there for tweens. She asked me recently when she was going to get her own email, and the first response I had was that,”I’m not sure, but not yet. And did you know I didn’t have my own email address until I was out of college? IPods didn’t exist when I was your age!” Oh man, do I feel old!

Anyway, my point being, the first thing she did was to personalize the wallpaper and settings on my old iPod to make it more her own. I recently stumbled onto some inspiring iPhone/iPod wallpapers from eighteen 25, and I absolutely love this idea! She saw how I had personalized my phone screen and she wanted to do the same. That sparked our latest crafty creation together – albeit computer generated – we loved creating some inspirational iPhone/iPod wallpapers together. And we wanted to share them with you if you so choose to use them.

Here are the four I did:

For the iPhone, simply save them onto your desktop, email the desired wallpaper to yourself, open up the email on your phone and save the image into your camera folder. Then select from your camera folder, hit the share icon and select “Use as Wallpaper” from the menu. Easy-peasy! They are little affirmations to see every time you pick up your phone, and if you are like me, that is a lot!

Here is the one Maggie designed (and I will explain the significance):

Recently, Maggie has been coming home with the initials “NEGU” marker tattooed on different parts of her body – something she scribbled on herself sometime at school. When I asked her what it meant, she explained it means “Never Ever Give Up”. Well, I am all for that affirmation for my tween! I did a little more digging, and she recently heard about it from one of her friends who heard about the story of Jessie Rees. The “NEGU” campaign started by a Southern California tween who recently passed away from brain cancer, but not before her and her family were inspired to start The NEGU Foundation and distributing JoyJars. I cried once I learned more about this Foundation and its cause. It amazes me how much joy for others can come out of such sadness for one family, and how much inspiration can come from one tween girl.

We hope you enjoy the wallpaper affirmations for your phone of iPod… be Inspired, be Awesome, be Brave, dream Big, and by all means, Never Ever Give Up!

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