Homemade Halloween Eyeball Rings

Ready for another Halloween craft idea? This one requires a trip to the hardware store. Yep, I said hardware store.

These cute homemade eyeball rings start with metal washers. They are a super inexpensive supply and perfect to craft with. I used 3/4″ metal washers.

This makes a super easy and fun weekend or Halloween party craft idea, or just a festive fashion statement.
Eyeball nail polish painted ring for Halloween tutorial

I used nail polish as the paint—white for the eyes, and a color for the irises. I used blue and green nail polish for the irises.

I used Loctite super glue gel formula because it goes on like a gel and hold it’s shape, and the squeezable sides of the bottle make it super easy to apply.

You will also need ring blanks and a thin red Sharpie marker, along with a medium tipped black Sharpie.

Eyeball Rings Craft Idea supplies @clubchicacircle

First paint the metal washers with white nail polish, and then the top of the rings blank a color.

Eyeball metal washer Halloween rings DIY

Let them dry completely before going on to the next step.

Now, grab your super glue. Squeeze a super glue ring around the outer edge of the ring blank.

Eyeball metal washer ring craft steps @clubchicacircle

Attach the metal washer on top and let dry completely. It should only take a few seconds depending on your super glue, but you may want to hold it on your hand as it drys to keep the washer in place.

Halloween eyeball ring craft how to @clubchicacircle

Add the bloodshot eyeball details with a thin red Sharpie marker on the white washer, and add a pupil in the center with a medium black Sharpie.

That’s it!

Homemade Halloween ring craft for tween girls

Fantastic tween fashion idea for Halloween. Wear one, two, or a whole handful!

Eyeball homemade ring craft idea

Eyeball power!

Happy Halloween crafting!


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