Creative Blog Talk Series – Setting Mind-Blowing Blog Goals

Creative Blog Talk Series

How Would You Feel if You Could Publish the Blog of Your Dreams?

Would that blog of your dreams have a zillion pageviews?

Or perhaps your message creates a worldwide movement of change?

Possibly, your dream blog captures all of the stories you ever wanted to memorialize for your children?

Or to generate enough revenue to give you financial freedom to quit your day job and build an amazing craft studio?

Pauline and I are taking a fresh inventory of our blog and are starting with setting mind-blowing goals. We want some of these same outcomes as you may be thinking about and would like to take you along on this journey. We have learned a TON over the past few years from fellow-bloggers, training classes, conferences and reader feedback and do want to share what we have learned. As we take an inventory of every aspect of our blog and how to improve it, we will share even more tips and tricks to fast track learning for our fellow bloggers. Do we think these goals are possible for you and for us? YES! Join us in this Creative Blog Talk Series. This series will be focused on tips and trips for growing blogs with a creative focus (crafts, food, DIY) to the next level, but everyone is invited to join along.

Building Your Dream Blog Starts With a Vision

If you have ever daydreamed where your blog could take you –  take that daydream and turn it into an achievable vision for the future. The first step is to put your goals down on paper and start building the map to your dream destination.

Have a map blog tip

Pauline and I believe there is more than enough room for everyone ready for this journey to achieve their own mind-blowing goals. To help in this process, we have created a Creative Blog Talk Goal Sheet Printable to break your goals down into manageable pieces.

Growing your crafty blog through goal setting

Creative Blog Talk Goal Sheet Elements

  • Overall Blog Goal – This is where you will capture your overall mind-blowing goal. What is the connection you would like to build with your readers and how big would you like to build your blog? Here are some examples:
    • ‘Through my blog XYZ, I will entertain and inspire the sewing community young and old to find their passion in sewing as an art while also earning $X per year to allow financial security for my family’
    • ‘I will build my blog and use my crafts as a vehicle to raise global awareness and comfort for those suffering from disease ABC until there is a cure’
  • Baseline Metrics – To capture where you are starting and ending each month so you can celebrate the growth along the way or identify areas that may need more attention.
  • 1 Year Goals – List up to five blog accomplishments for the next year which would make you ecstatic but are also believable. These goals may include specific growth targets against your baseline metrics and/or new ways to extend your brand.
  • 3 Month Goals – Identify shorter-term goals that would provide significant movement towards your 1 year goals. These are more tactical goals. For example, if your 1 year goal is to have a book publishing deal, your 3 month goals may include writing a proposed book outline and the first book chapter.
  • Current Month Goals – List current month goals that move you at least 1/3 the way towards your 3 month goals.
  • Weekly Goals – Start each week reviewing your overall blog goal, annual goals, 3 month goals and your 1 month goals. Reflect on what you can accomplish in the current week to keep momentum going.

Calendar reminder blog tip

Set Accountability Checkpoints

Create a safety net by setting accountability checkpoints. Accountability can be set by publicly announcing your goals and asking for support to check in on you for your progress.  Do you have someone you trust who will give you the push you need when self-doubt creeps in? Do you have someone special that you want to inspire through your goal achievement? We want to help, too! Use the hashtag #CreativeBlogTalk through any of your social media channels or leave a comment on any of our Creative Blog Talk Series posts to let us know how you are progressing. Never miss a topic by adding your name to our Creative Blog Talk Series subscriber list.

Accountability partner blog tip

Trust the Process

We want this first step of capturing your goals to be powerful and enjoyable. Find at least 30 minutes of quiet in a space that makes you smile. Bring coffee, tea or wine and remember to bring the Creative Blog Talk Goal Sheet Printable to allow pen to paper to change your daydreams to an achievable vision. Set a reminder at the beginning of each week to capture the current week’s goals.

Are You Ready to Join Us in This Challenge?

There is room for greatness in all of us. Are you ready to join us in this challenge? Even if you are not a blogger, there will be lessons for all along the way. I am an organizer at heart and will be sharing tips on how to do more with less through systems, focus and a support structure. If you would like to stay connected to the Creative Blog Talk Series, please fill out this very short Google Docs Creative Blog Talk Series form. By adding your name to the list, you will receive subscriber-only bonus tips and templates beyond what you will find here on the Creative Blog Talk Series. Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Blog must haves
  • Building blog consistency
  • Creating engaging content
  • Strengthening audience connections
  • Working with affiliates
  • Working with blogger networks and sponsors
  • Where to spend your time and where not to spend your time
  • Managing blog finances as a business

What would you like to see us tackle? Remember to add your name to the Creative Blog Talk Series form or comment below.


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