Animal Print Painted Glass DIY

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Glass painting is fun! Animal prints are cool! Painting animal prints on glass is both fun and cool!

How to Paint Animal Prints wtih DecoArt Glass paints

Let me show you how fun and easy it is.

I started with some colored glass vases that I found in the dollar section at my local Michaels. For the leopard print on the pink vase, I used the green Americana 3D Frost Gloss Enamel Writer and the black 3D Opague Gloss Enamel Writer. What I love about the glass writers is the tip. No paintbrush needed. The paint tip at the top allows you to get the details you need without it.

For the zebra print on the blue vase, I used a DecoArt glass paint marker.

Decoart glass painting supplies for animal prints copy

Here is how to make a leopard print on any glass piece:

First draw in irregular shaped oval dots in a random pattern. Make sure to use a contrasting color to your vase so that the leopard print stands out. Let your vase dry until no longer tacky. I let it dry about an hour.

Next, add the leopard print details with a darker color or black. This pattern can be random and irregular too. That’s the beauty of this. You can’t really mess this up. Outline some of the outer edges of your colored dots with black. I usually did two strokes, one on each side of a dot at varying lengths and thicknesses.

How to Paint Leopard Print with DecoArt

Another cool part about the 3D gloss enamel paint writers, is that your leopard pattern has a cool texture to it when you are finished.

animal leopard print closeup with DecoArt


Making a zebra print is even easier. On a colored piece of glass, use a DecoArt black paint marker and draw in long, thin, irregular shaped squiggles or wavy shapes. The shapes remind me of mini bats or mustache shapes. Just have them go in the general same direction, but make them fit together like a puzzle, but without them touching.

How to Paint Zebra print with DecoArt glass paint marker


Use these basic animal print painting technique and try on other colored glass pieces.

Animal Print glass painting with DecoArt glass paints


The animal print vases were inspired by my tween’s favorite pattern, and one of her favorite craft tools – patterned duct tape.

Animal print glass painted vases DIY

We made some cool duct tape flowers using leftover plastic Easter eggs, pipe cleaners, and Duck tape. If you want to know how to make the duct tape flowers, check out the full DIY here.

Animal Painted Print vases with DecoArt glass paint DIY

If you had glass paints. what would you paint first?

First of all, you have to know that DecoArt has a complete line of Americana glass paints to choose from, from frosted to glass stains to glitter crystal to paint markers.

Right now you can buy 5 bottles of DecoArt Americana glass paints and get $5 back. Get your rebate here.

Americana Glass Paints are available at Michaels, JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores, Pat Catan’s Craft Centers, A.C. Moore, Beverly’s, and other fine craft retailers. For more information on Americana Glass Paints visit

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As a member of the DecoArt core blogger team, this post is brought to you in part by DecoArt. All thoughts, crafts, photographs, and ideas are my own.


As a member of the DecoArt core blogger team, this post is brought to you in part by DecoArt. All thoughts, crafts, photographs, and ideas are my own.

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