Inspired Tween Beads to Beat Autism!

Her motto is “YOU GOTTA BELIEVE!“. At the age of 10, she raised $200,000 by making and selling thousands of bracelets to fund a new autism treatment that had helped her brother with autism. Who is this inspired tween? She is a bright shining light living in Louisville, Kentucky with a new goal of raising $300 million dollars to build an Autism Research and Treatment Center! Her name is Michala Riggle and she is a superstar in our book! It has been 4 years since she started her movement, so now this super teen is inspiring others with her craftiness.

Autism is ten times more common today than it was in the 80’s. It seems like we are in the middle of an autism epidemic, although some of that could be attributed to more awareness and better diagnosis. Regardless, the need for more research and treatment is clear!

Inspired by how a new IV treatment helped her brother with his autism, Michala saw a need to try and help others and took upon herself to start a movement — and what better way but through crafting and love! And the best part is, anyone can help!

Simply register on her website to become one of her “peeps”, sign up for the 30-day challenge, and receive the free “Michala Kit” to make about 300 bracelets to sell to family and friends and send in proceeds to Beading to Beat Austism! This is a perfect challenge or service project for a school group, girl scout troop, or group of friends to participate in. You can also purchase or make donations on her website as well. You can learn more about Michala and her story on her site, Beading to Beat Autism, and from the video below.

For more information about autism, you can check out Parents article on “6 Facts You Need to Know About Autism

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  1. Brenda Scully
    March 18, 2012 at 8:18 am

    my grandson has autism, this is a wonderful idea….. well done.

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