A Crafty Gift From the Heart That Brought Me to Tears

My tween brought me to tears last night. It’s not what you think. She crafted a gift for me for Valentine’s Day that touched me more than any other Valentine’s gift ever has…

A little background may help you understand why her handcrafted gift touched my heart. A few years ago, I made an impulse decision to send my only stuffed animal “Baby Fufanoo” (a stuffed bunny) to the landfill. This was before the twins were born and I thought it was time I grew up (especially since my daughter wasn’t even sleeping with stuffed animals anymore). Baby Fufanoo had special meaning for me. It was a gift for me from my husband during our first year of dating in college. Baby Fufanoo came with us through my college years, through working days in Chicago, through a move to California then New York and back to California and through my daughter’s younger years. Whenever I needed to find some comfort or rest, I would find solace in hugging Baby Fufanoo and curling up in a ball under all the covers in the bed. But Baby Fufanoo is gone and I don’t think even an extensive eBay search will find a similar replacement. My tween and I have periodically reminisced about Baby Fufanoo over the past few years (and I know she senses my longing to have him back). Please don’t misunderstand me – I totally appreciate the fact that I have an amazing family and no stuffed animal can ever trump their hugs or smiles – but some creature comforts (pun intended) can also bring smiles on cloudy days.

Back to today, I see the handcrafted gift from my daughter sitting on the bed and can’t help but smile with moist eyes from her thoughtfulness.  My tween sewed me a new comfort friend to replace Baby Fufanoo and she named him “Fluff”. My girl could have easily bought me a new stuffed animal. (She has more money in her wallet from allowance and birthday money than I have in mine at the moment.) She, instead, decided to make a gift from her heart that ended up touching my heart more than any purchased stuffed animal ever could.

Thank you, my sweet girl. I love you. I will take good care of Fluff.  He will never see a landfill from any of my actions.

Please meet Fluff:

Fluff - A Gift From the Heart
























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