6 Positively Primo Popcorn Recipe Ideas

We recently had a backyard family movie night, and I had my first attempt at making homemade caramel corn from Your Homebased Mom‘s recipe. Ummm…. yummmm! I didn’t realize how easy it was. That inspired me to go on a search for other yummy popcorn treats. Did you know you can enjoy popcorn so many ways? here are my top six (I tried to narrow it down to five, but just had to have six) ideas on how to take popcorn and turn it up a notch, or  two, or a gazillion!

1. S’mores Popcorn from Thirty Homemade Days

smores popcorn

This is based on the caramel corn recipe from Your Homebased Mom, but in this recipe it taken to a whole new level with marshmallows, graham cracker cereal, and drizzled chocolate. Need I say more?


2. Party Popcorn from She Wears Many Hats


This popcorn treat would be a fun party treat, and can be dressed up for any occasion by what sprinkles you choose.


3. Movie Theater Candy Bark from How Sweet It Is


This chocolate bark has all your favorite movie theater treats in one, from gummy bears, popcorn, M&Ms, and more! It’s a movie theater snack extravaganza!


4. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Popcorn Bars from Cookies and Cups


Talk about layers! This treat has a chocolate chip cookie layer, a marshmallow layer, and a peanut butter popcorn layer all in one!


5. Popcorn Cake from Cookies and Cups

popcorn cake

After stumbling upon my number 4 pick, I came across this fun idea of making a cake out of popcorn. So fun and different!


6. Buttery Popcorn Ice Cream from The Kitchen


Not only is the ice cream flavored with popcorn, but imagine topping it with yummy caramel sauce and homemade caramel corn! Crazy corn-licious!


Now, the big question is – which recipe am I going to try first? = )




Pauline Molinari

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