Glittery Champagne Bottle DIY

Glittery Champagne Bottle easy craft idea #newyearseve

This is the time of year when it seems like time is moving at super speed. I feel like my family and I were just enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, and now it’s a mad rush to get ready for the Christmas holiday. It’s such a celebratory time of year, and I don’t want to forget New Year’s Eve!

Today’s craft DIY is all about the glitz and glam that comes with starting the New Year. This is a great homemade gift idea—perfect if you are hosting a celebration or attending one… or for those you can’t share ringing in the New Year’s with. It’s a fun way to send a personal and super glittery New Year’s Eve send off!

Yep, that’s right. I glittered the outside of a champagne bottle. This would work with sparkling wine or cider too!

Check out the fun video DIY here:

I have used this same technique with dishwasher-safe decoupage here when I glittered my favorite iced tea cups.

Glittery Plastic Tumblers Craft for #BrewOverIce Iced Tea

For today’s craft, I used:

  • decoupage (I used Americana Decou-Page Glossy, but Mod Podge would work too)
  • sponge brush
  • glitter (color/colors of choice)
  • printable gift tag (get your free download below) with baker’s twine

Glittery Champagne Bottle easy homemade gift DIY @clubchicacircle

This is so simple, but just be warned that it’s glittery and a little messy, which is why I used a plastic bowl under my bottle when sprinkling and applying my glitter.

Step 1: apply a thick coat of decoupage on the outside of your bottle

Step 2: sprinkle on glitter. I created an ombre effect using two different colors of glitter. I liked finishing off the top with gold glitter so that it blended into the champagne bottle label

Step 3: Let dry completely

Step 4: Gently apply another coat of decoupage on the top to set the glitter

Step 5: Let dry completely again (don’t worry, it dries completely clear)

Step 6: Add a gift label

Gold Glittered Champagne Bottle for New Years Gift idea

I designed a simple one here, and am sharing with you here. Download and print out your own.

New Years Gift Tag FREE Printable

Here’s to a Happy, Safe, and super Glittery New Year!


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