Do Peeps Last Forever? Needle-felted Peeps do!

Easter is over and by now any remnants of Easter treats are long gone. There is one treat that infamous with this spring holiday and can be everlasting – and that is the Peep! In fact, there are well-known newspapers that hold annual Peep diorama contests. Recently, the LA Times showed a slideshow on how they are made. I recently took at class at the Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica, CA. There are plenty of videos on YouTube where you see them blow up in the microwave or as the main characters in famous paradies. The official shelf-life of a Peep is 2 years. Recently, I had the privilege of taking a class on needle-felted peeps at the Urban Craft Center taught by RadMegan. These Peeps are going to last forever!

I have never attempted needle-felting, but have always wanted to. I thought this would be the perfect class to try! I learned, I needle-felted, and then I brought home the supplies to teach my tween how to do her own.

Check out our personal gallery of felted Peeps. My tween crafted the first and felt inspired to add some expression to hers. The last one in the picture is of course the real deal. We ended up making monster Peeps in comparison, but they will forever have a spot on my bookshelf now.

With some supervision, needle-felting can be a perfect craft to share together. The needles are very sharp, but the technique is easy enough for the beginning crafter and/or tween, and the results can be very satisfying. You can pick up your own needle-felted Peep pattern here.

Once you have mastered the technique, the possibilities are endless. Love this tutorial on needle-felted Angry Birds from Craftzine. Love it!

Happy Crafting!

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