Easy Party Treat Cup Ideas & Giveaway

Disclaimer: this post is brought to in part by the Rich Products Give Bakery Because. It’s Gifting Made Delicious! #givebakery . All photos, opinions, and ideas are solely my own.

Have you ever needed to make a quick party or classroom treat with very little time? Or did you just want something sweet to brighten someone’s day? Could you also use an extra $25?

If you answered yes to any of these, keep reading my crafty friends! = )
easy treat cups for kids classroom

Seriously, with a little creative packaging your grocer’s bakery can be a gold mine for yummy and super easy party treats. It can be as easy as picking up a package of your bakery treat of choice and adding some mini plastic cups and disposable forks to your grocery basket before checkout.

Easy Bakery Treat Ideas #givebakery

How about a quick breakfast treat on-the-go? I put two mini cinnamon rolls in a small plastic cup and added a fork on the top for tasty treat.

cinnamon roll breakfast on the go cups


For a fun party or classroom treat, try adding mini cupcake brownies in mini plastic cups too, and dressing them up in a treat bag and some washi tape flags.

how to make easy treat cups from your grocers bakery

How to make quick and easy party treat cups:

I started with SOLO 3 oz plastic cups, added some mini M&Ms on the bottom about an inch up, then put the mini brownie cupcakes on top.

brownie treat cups with mini m&ms

Then I placed the filled treat cups inside of a plastic treat bag, and added a washi tape flag on the top to secure.

Mini Brownie treat cups DIY

It’s super simple to make washi tape flags.

treat cup craft idea with washi tape flag

Simply cut a length of washi tape about 3 inches long. Then cinch up the top of your bag and connect the two ends of the washi tape together to secure. Use the tip of a sharp scissors to cut a triangle shape out of the end to turn it into a pretty flag.

washi tape flags for brownie cup treats

Depending on the pattern of your washi tape, you can customize to a certain holiday or party event.

chocolate brownie treat cups

Or just make a rainbow of yummy brownie cupcake treat cups!

easy treat cup idea for kids

So cute! My daughter recently brought these to all of her camp counselors on the last day of a summer camp she just went to. They were a huge hit!

Sometimes it is just the simplest things that can say “thank you” or “hope you have a nice day” or “you are special to me”.

You are all special to me, and I want you to win some cold hard cash.

Here is how you can win a $25 treat for yourself! Just answer this simple question in the comments below by July 31 and you will be entered:

Whose day would you like to brighten with a tasty treat?

We will randomly pick 2 lucky winners to receive $25 each.

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And for more great ideas and inspirations, check out the BakeryBecause Pinterest board. Share your own sweet treat creations on Pinterest with the #givebakery hashtag to share your inspirations with others too!

Good luck and enjoy!!!


Disclaimer: this post is brought to in part by the Rich Products Give Bakery Because. It’s Gifting Made Delicious! #givebakery . All photos, opinions, and ideas are solely my own.

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