To Infinity and Beyond!

Over the long holiday weekend, my family and I saw Toy Story 3. It is not often that the 3rd movie in a series gets better than the first two, but somehow Disney•Pixar has pulled it off again. What I loved is that each of us could enjoy the movie on so many different levels. At one point I looked over at my daughter and her two cousins and saw how captivated and engaged they were while viewing the film. We all laughed out loud and shed some tears a few times too. After the movie, Maggie and I compared notes on the parts that made us cry. I absolutely lost it when Andy actually leaves to go off to college, and she cried when some of the other toys were being mean to Mr. Potato Head.

Hope you all get a chance to enjoy the movie as much as we did!

Check out these cool games and activities inspired by the movie on the Disney/Pixar Toy Story website.

Here are some of my favorites:

Make your own Buzz Lightyear airplane printable

Love the Bakerella Toy Story inspired cake pops!

Cute recipe for Mr. Tortilla Head with mango salsa

And if you are super crafty, build your own Woody Marionette

Don’t forget the free Ipone/Ipod app

Pauline Molinari

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