Patriotic Ice Cream Lasagna

Yummy Ice Cream Lasagna Dessert

Labor day is almost here, and for many it is a time to celebrate the last days of summer. If you are like us, you may be starting to plan a backyard BBQ or family get-together.

Well, today’s fun and yummy DIY may be the perfect patriotic treat for any upcoming party. I don’t know about you, but we have been having a major heat wave here in Southern California, so this ICE CREAM LASAGNA is the perfect dessert treat for all!

Yep, I said ice cream LASAGNA!

Patriotic Ice Cream Lasagna

Check out these yummy ice cream and chocolate layers!

I was first introduced to this dessert when a friend served it. Because it is so versatile and so easy to make, you could tailor this to any fun occasion. Imagine getting this for a birthday cake!

I chose to do a patriotic spin on it in honor of the holiday weekend.

Basic ingredients for Ice Cream Lasagna:

  • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Whipped cream (like Cool Whip)
  • Chocolate sauce

You will also need a deep baking dish or pan to build your “lasagna” in.

The rest is up to you.

I added chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, fresh raspberries and blueberries.

You could add chocolate chips, sprinkles, bananas, jams, etc. Imagine the possibilities!

How to make a ice cream lasagna dessert for a party

Basically you build your ice cream lasagna, first with a layer of ice cream sandwiches. Then a layer of Cool Whip. Drizzle on toppings of choice and sauces, and then repeat with another layer of ice cream sandwiches.

Make sure to put the lasagna back into the freezer to set before serving.

best chocolate ice cream lasagna for party dessert idea

It’s that simple!

It will dress up any party table for sure.

Easy Patriotic Ice Cream Lasagna

Cut layers with spatula and serve. Check out those delectable, mouth-watering layers!

How to make ice cream lasagna for parties

Good luck trying to resist more than one piece of this delicious ice cream lasagna!

Ice Cream Lasagna for parties

And wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend!

How to Make Ice Cream Lasagna



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