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Duct Tape Tron Guy Video


There aren’t many things you can’t do without duct tape. In fact, it is one of my favorite crafty tools – especially when it comes in so many cool patterns and sassy colors. Duck Tape® brand has a fantastic site with crafty ideas on how to use duct tape in ways you never thought possible.…

Sassy Sock Cupcakes


As my tween prepares to go back to school, we have definitely been doing the rounds of back-to-school shopping. The shoes that were so big last year, are crunching her toes this year. Jeans that we had to roll up last year, we have cut off to make jean shorts. The new school supplies and…

5 Fabulous Balloon Craft Ideas

rainbow yarn balloons

5 facts you might not have known about balloons: The first rubber balloons were made by Professor Michael Faraday in 1824 for use in his experiments with hydrogen at the Royal Institution in London. A 100-foot-diameter balloon can lift 33,000 pounds! According to the Reader’s Digest, children and adults send up a billion balloons each…

Cute Tween Hairstyles DIY

cascade braid megan

We had to share the wonderful way this super creative mother of 4 girls and 1 boy can create super cute and tween appropriate hairstyles with her daughters as models. The best part is, her website has a huge library of DIY videos so anyone can duplicate them on their own daughters and sometimes even…