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Hollywood movie night

hollywood frame

You can have a “Hollywood Movie Night” theme for a slumber party where every girl is a star! Rent several movies, and set up a table as the Concession Stand. Include individual-sized candies, bags of popcorn and movie snack for each guest. Purchase a long, thick, red roll of fabric from your local fabric store…

What are SWAPs?


To be exact it is a Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere. The Girl Scouts define swaps as the perfect way for Girl Scouts to meet each other and promote friendship. Each one is a memory of a special event or Girl Scout Sister. It has been a tradition to trade SWAPs since the 1950s. Check…

Spa Sleepover

spa girls

Sleepovers are a timeless tradition of tween girls. Staying up all night, making snacks, watching movies, and having fun with friends are rites of passage that girls look forward to during a typical sleepover. But how can you add that extra special touch to your tween’s sleepover?